Mai Chau district preserves and develops the traditional textile village

When mentioning Mai Chau, it must be mentioned about brocade weaving products. Together with the trend of integration and development, cooperatives and households that are maintaining and developing brocade weaving career have contributed to create a new direction in economic development, promoting cultural identity associated with the formation and development of Mai Chau district.

The unique traditional handicrafts in Hang Kia commune, Pa Co

Mong ethnic people in Hang Kia and Pa Co communes (Mai Chau) have also been preserving a lot of cultural beauty through their traditional costumes, languages, handicrafts and so on. In which, linen weaving, beeswax drawing, paper making are being preserved and promoted after a long time of gradual extinction. A large number of tourists coming there also want to learn and experience this unique handicraft art.


This is a craft in which tree bases or trunks with fine form and figure are made use of under the skilful hands of craftspersons.


The main materials include indigo dyed cotton and coloured silk (which can be replaced with wool), looms and go plates.


Pipe-wine is a unique kind of beverage produced in Hoa Binh. The wine is made from a variety of forest leaves mixed with a fermentation-causing starch.


The blacksmith making agricultural equipment for the Mong people is attached with great importance. This trade is regarded as one of the mainstays for life with shifting cultivation.

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