Being proud of the cradle of “Hoa Binh Culture”

Hoa Binh city Currently there is a road and a hotel named Colani in Hoa Binh City. It is a tribute to the French archaeologist, Madelene Colani, who has proposed the concept of "Hoa Binh Culture” and it is also for the other generations of Hoa Binh people to know and be proud of the place where they are living, which is the cradle of "Hoa Binh Culture”.

History of Hoa Binh province

Hoa Binh Province was established on June 22, 1886 under a decree of the Tonkin Strategy with the name of Muong province, separating the land of Muong people from Hung Hoa, Son Tay, Hanoi and Ninh Binh provinces. The provincial capital was located in Cho Bo town (in the North of Da Nang), so it was also called Cho Bo province, In November 1886, he was transferred to Phương Lâm commune (at Bát Bat district, Quốc Oai government, Sơn Tây province at that time).