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Traditional Handicraft

Mai Chau district preserves and develops the traditional textile village

12/03/2020 17:00
When mentioning Mai Chau, it must be mentioned about brocade weaving products. Together with the trend of integration and development, cooperatives and households that are maintaining and developing brocade weaving career have contributed to create a new direction in economic development, promoting cultural identity associated with the formation and development of Mai Chau district.

Thuan Hoa Social Welfare Co-operative (Chieng Chau Brocade and Travel Co-operative) currently has 35 employees.

The whole district has dozens of textile villages in operation. Among them, five traditional handicraft villages have been recognized, concentrated in the center of Mai Chau town and Pa Co, Xam Khoe, Na Phon, Chieng Chau, Mai Hich communes, etc. In addition, many households preserving weaving career are dispersed in most communes in the district. By preserving and developing handicraft villages associated with tourism, weaving products from brocades with Thai ethnic cultural identity are closer to visitors, which means that traditional products have more chances to be promoted in the market and abroad.

Not only contributing to attract tourists, but the cooperatives also create jobs, raising incomes for many female workers, including women with disabilities. For women who want to take advantage of free time to increase their income, the cooperatives also create conditions for women to bring products to make at their home and earn a living wage. Mrs. Mua Y Nhanh, The Chairman of Pa Co Con brocade weaving village in Pa Co commune, said: The cooperative currently has 250 members, of which 50 are engaged in brocade weaving with an average income of 3 million VND / person / month. Besides selling to tourists, the products are also linked to be consumed in a number of foreign markets such as India, Thailand, and Cambodia. In order to promote the image of products to customers, the Cooperative has cooperated with the Museum of Vietnamese Women. Accordingly, the most distinctive products, models and good quality will be displayed and sold at the museum.