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Temples, pagodas Hang Chua & Chua Hang relics (Yen Thuy District)

30/12/2010 17:00
By the road named 436 and 86 km fromHoa Binh city, in A Dong hamlet, Yen Tri commune, Yen Thuy district, there stands an imposing mountain named Lang Tieu Mountain. Situated inside this mountain are Van Quang Grotto and the two ancient pagodas secluding themselves in the rock, the Thanh Lam Tu and Hang Pagodas

Hang Pagoda Festival is held twice a year in early lunar January.

Inscriptions carved on the mountain wall date back to the Second Year of Thanh Thai (1890) read: “This Mountain is ten miles to the west of the town, in a phoenix head wing position, in the south-west is high blue stone mountain range looking like stag horns. The people’s pagoda is on the right side of the grotto, the mountains sound like laughter, the mountain is pervaded by the hollowed air, and all is pure”.