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Dinh Ngoi festival opens in Hoa Binh

12/03/2020 17:30
The Dinh Ngoi (Ngoi Communal House) festival 2019 kicked off in Su Ngoi commune of Hoa Binh city on February 13 (the 9th day of the first lunar month of the Year of Pig 2019).

The rite of Via Lua (Rice God) procession to the Ngoi Communal House in the opening day of the festival

The festival annually takes place on the 8th-9thdays of thefirst lunar month to commemorate the gods of the village, who contributed to building, preserving and protecting the country and the homeland. It also aims to pray for a peaceful and happy new year, good harvests, and health for villagers.

The festival includes the procession of Via Nuoc (Water God) and Via Lua (Rice God), worshipping, incense and alcohol offering in the communal house.

The festive activities include art exchanges, Muong gong performances, display of Muong people’s foods, traditional sports competitions and folk games.

The festival contributes to maintaining and preserving cultural and historical values of the locality. It also offers a chance for locals to educate their traditions for young generations, as well as promote Hoa Binh’s beliefs to visitors./.