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Kim Boi District preserves and promotes the value of monuments

12/03/2020 18:00
Currently, Kim Boi district has 5 monuments which is ranked national and provincial level. In particular, Dong Thech ancient tomb area (Vinh Dong commune) is a national archaeological relic.

Dong Thech ancient tomb area (Vinh Dong commune) is a national archaeological relic.

Provincial-level historical and cultural relics include: Chieng communal house (Vinh Dong commune), Boi pagoda (Nam Thuong commune). Historical revolutionary relics at provincial level: Lap communal house (Lap Chiengcommune) and Uncle Ho relics visit Kim Boi district Party Committee (Bo town). Kim Boi district has implemented a lot of solutions to promote the value of monuments in the area.

Over the years, Kim Boi Party Committee, authorities and people are always interested in the conservation and management of monuments. As a result, the phenomenon of abandoned relics in the area. The district is established a district management board.

In all relic communes, a Relic Management Board has been set up, of which the ancient tomb of Dong Thech in Vinh Dong commune has a regular custodian and he is entitled to a monthly salary.

The Management Board of relics at the commune and district level has done well the task of managing and organizing the rituals taking place at the monument.

In addition, every year, the district reviews and inventory to discover the degraded relics to coordinate with the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to have plans to repair and renovate the relics. Besides, the district carried out socializing, mobilizing all resources in the society to restore and embellish the monument.

Kim Boi district also preserves traditional festivals to attract tourists. Each relic is associated with a legend, a traditional festival. Typically, the Chieng communal festival (Vinh Dong commune) is usually held on the 15th day of the first lunar month. This is an opportunity for the people to express their respect and gratitude to the kings and deities, wishing for a favorable year of rain, wind, good crops and happy houses.