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The spiritual tourism in Cao Phong district have been attracting a lot of visitors

12/03/2020 16:30
Talking about tourism in Cao Phong district, it is necessary to mention Hoa Binh Lake with the highlight spot of the spiritual cultural tourism, the temple of Thac Bo Lord. Another spiritual tourist destination, which is widely known to the tourists, is the famous monument of Khanh pagoda, Yen Thuong commune.

A large numbers of tourists are paying a visit to Bong Lai Rooftop Temple, Zone 3, Cao Phong town (Cao Phong).

 Not far from Khanh pagoda is Queon Ang relic pagoda, Tan Phong commune. With the policy of socializing investment in tourism development, Bong Lai Rooftop Temple in Zone 3, Cao Phong town has been built spaciously, meeting the needs of spiritual activities in the area recently.

Along with the other types of tourism, spiritual tourism has significantly contributed to the tourism development of Cao Phong district. In 2018, the district welcomed 41,170 turns of visitors. In particular, there were 1,058 turns of international visitors and 340,112 turns of domestic visitors. The revenue from the tourism activities is estimated at 21,195 million VND.