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Relics of resistance war revolutionary history revolutionary bases of Hoa Binh

30/12/2010 16:00
In the course of revolutionary mobilization for the August General Offspring in 1945, in Hoa Binh Province, four revolutionary bases were successively formed within the Hoa-Ninh-Thanh base systems, including Muong Khoi Base (Lac Son District); Cao Phong-Thach Yen Base (Cao Phong District); Tu Ly-Hien Luong Base (Da Bac District); Muong Diem Base (Da Bac District).

Muong Khoi Base Tradition

In spring of 1945, from these revolutionary bases, insurrections rose up to gain power for the people and accompanied successfully the August Revolution in Hoa Binh Province.


Muong Khoi Base Tradition