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National beauty spot - Nam Son Grotto (Tan Lac District)

30/12/2010 18:00
Nam Son Grotto is located inside Ngoc Son-Ngo Luong Nature Reserve and situated on halfway of Thung Ton Mountain in Ton village, Nam Son commune, Tan Lac district. This is master piece of nature with the two marvelous stone grottoes and a deep, cool and limpid lake

Visiting Nam Son Grotto, tourists have a chance of mingling themselves with the natural setting of forests and mountains, fresh cool air, the typical feature of the tropical primitive forests of Vietnam. Right here, visitors can explore the manners and customs of the ancient Muong people. When it gets dark, visitors shall enjoy the taste of pine wine and take part in culture exchange and art performance: Singing and dancing with sweet, pretty Muong people around the flickering flames.