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30/12/2010 15:30
In their community cultural activities, the ethnic groups in Hoa Binh have many ways of presenting their distinctive folk art. On the occasion of New Year's Festival or other festive events such as a new house inauguration, wedding ceremonies, “Xec Bua” or “Thuong Dang, Bo Meng" singing are often organized in praise of peaceful, happy of Muong villages, and also their wish and desire for a better and well-off life. Besides, each ethnic group has its own forms of cultural activities, for example, pan-pipe dance of the Mong, drum dance, xenh tien dance, the bell dance of the Dao and the spreading dance of the Thai.

At festivals, there often are numerous folk games such as throwing sacred ball, tug of war, pushing sticks, crossbow, danh cu, danh mang, and pentanque tournaments. Games as such are always eventful and attract a lot of people to participate.

Traditional Dances of Ethnic Groups in Hoa Binh




  Folk games of Ethnic Groups in Hoa Binh