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Tourist Highlights

The Mong village at Xa Linh (Mai Chau district)

29/12/2012 16:00
The Mong’s Village is located at Xa Linh of Pa Co Commune, at an attitude of 1,288m, about 3km off Highway 6, and over 40 km from Mai Chau District.

Of particular interest is the fact that this village boasts 80 traditional wooden houses with stone fences lying tidily inside a small valley of mountains and forests covered by an astonishing blaze of colours of white apricot, plum and pink peach blossoms. At night-time it is very cold here. Xa Linh Village still retains the unique traditional cultural identity of the Mong ethnic group, as evident from the weaving, stitching and dyeing used in the production of women’s costumes; and the Mong panpipe, a flute traditionally used to call friends.

Picture of the Mong village