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Traditional Cultural Festivals

The exciting Khai Mua Muong Thang Festival

12/03/2020 15:00
On January 31st (ie, the 7th day of Lunar New Year), at the stadium of Dung Phong commune (Cao Phong), the People's Committee of Cao Phong district held Khai Mua Muong Thang Festival in the spring of 2020. The leaders from the appropriate authorities of the province, the leaders from the People's Committees of the districts and the city and a large number of people in the district attended the festival.

The procession worshiping the village's God and the procession of water to the festival.

Khai Mua Festival is a long-standing traditional cultural beauty imbued with the identity of Muong Thang people and it has an important meaning in the lives of the people here. The festival takes place with 2 parts including the ceremony and the festival. The ceremony was solemnly held with rituals of worshiping and welcoming the God of the village from Mieu Ca and the magical water from the ancient well of Dong Ngoai hamlet to the stadium of Dung Phong commune. 


After the ceremony is the festival with displaying the local food stalls; cultural, art, sports performances and folk games such as throwing cotton ball, tug of war, stick pushing, crossbow shooting, volleyball competition for men and women.


Khai Mua Muong Thang Festival is held on the 7th and 8th of January every year so that the people can show their respects and thanks to the Three Saints Son Thanh who blessed the Muong people a lucky, full and happy year with good wind, good harvest and the village is always full.