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12/03/2020 17:00
In the province, there are more than 1,000 typical trades and villages of local traditional craft such as brocade weaving, Can wine production, Lua wood, Do paper, rattan - bamboo knitting and so on. According to the target of the period from 2015 to 2020, 10 trade villages will be recognized but by the end of 2018, 11 villages have been recognized, surpassing 1 village compared to the target.

Among 11 villages of local traditional craft, there were 2 villages recognized from the previous period. They are the brocade weaving in Luc village, Yen Nghiep commune (Lac Son) and the brocade weaving and the tourism in Lac village, Chieng Chau commune (Mai Chau). Nine villages of local traditional craft were newly recognized. They include the brocade weaving in Com hamlet - Dong Lai commune (Tan Lac), Nhot village - Na Phai commune, Pa Co Con village - Pa Co commune, Chieng Chau village - Chieng Chau commune ( Mai Chau); the manipulation of ornamental stones in Soi village - Phu Thanh commune (Lac Thuy); Lua wood, ornamental stones in Doan Ket village - Lam Son commune (Luong Son); rattan - bamboo knitting in Bui village - Nhan Nghia commune (Lac Son); wine-making in Dinh village - Phu Lai commune (Yen Thuy); Mai Ha wine-making in Chieng Ha village - Mai Ha commune (Mai Chau).

From the support policy according to the Decision No. 12/2015/QD-UBND of the People's Committee of the province, the local traditional craft villages have been supported with 50 million VND to maintain, preserve and develop the traditional trades and craft villages. Currently, nine out of the eleven traditional craft villages are supported with 300 million VND to invest in machinery, equipment and technology improvement to expand the production scale and to improve the product quality.

According to Hoa Binh Newspaper