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Hoa binh’s History

History of Hoa Binh province

12/03/2020 09:30
Hoa Binh Province was established on June 22, 1886 under a decree of the Tonkin Strategy with the name of Muong province, separating the land of Muong people from Hung Hoa, Son Tay, Hanoi and Ninh Binh provinces. The provincial capital was located in Cho Bo town (in the North of Da Nang), so it was also called Cho Bo province, In November 1886, he was transferred to Phương Lâm commune (at Bát Bat district, Quốc Oai government, Sơn Tây province at that time).

April 1888 was renamed Phuong Lam province, ruled by the French Ambassador. Initially the province included Moc Chau, Yen Chau and Phu Yen Chau (July 1888 cut these three continents to merge into the Fourth Army Corps, later Son La), along with the Muong ethnic area of the two continents. Son and Yen Lap (October 1888 cut these two continents to Hung Hoa province).

March 18, 1891 Governor of Indochina issued a decree renaming Phuong Lam province into Hoa Binh province with 6 continents: Luong Son, Ky Son, Lac Son, Lac Thuy, Mai Chau (Chau Mai) and Da Bac.

On October 24, 1908, Chau Lac Thuy moved to Ha Nam province, and on December 1, 1924, some communes of Lac Thuy were merged into Nho Quan government in Ninh Binh province.

In 1939, the unification of Mai (or Mai Chau) and Da Bac was combined into Mai Da. During the anti-French resistance war, Hoa Binh had 4 districts: Luong Son, Ky Son, Lac Son and Mai Da, Lac Thuy district was still in Ha Nam province, only to return to Hoa Binh later. Hoa Binh's three districts (Luong Son, Ky Son and Lac Son) belonged to Inter-Region 3, while Mai Da district belonged to Viet Bac Inter-Region from November 1949 until August 9, 1950 to return to Inter-Region 3. .

On October 15, 1957, Lac Son district was divided into 2 districts: Lạc Sơn and Tân Lạc. On 17/4/1959 Luong Son district divided into 2 districts: Luong Son and Kim Boi. On 17/8/1964 Lac Thuy district was divided into 2 districts: Lạc Thủy and Yên Thủy. On December 27, 1975, Hoa Binh province merged with Ha Tay province into Ha Son Binh province. According to the Resolution of the 8th National Assembly, 9th Session on August 12, 1991, Ha Son Binh Province split into two provinces of Hoa Binh and Ha Tay. At that time, the province had an area of 4,697 km², with a population of 670,000 people, including 1 Hoa Binh town and 9 districts: Da Bac, Mai Chau, Luong Son, Ky Son, Lac Son, Lac Thuy, Kim Boi, Tan Lac, Yen Thuy. 

In December 2001, Ky Son district was divided into 2 districts: Kỳ Sơn and Cao Phong. From August 1, 2008, four communes of Dong Xuan, Tien Xuan, Yen Binh and Yen Trung, all located in the north of Luong Son district, were separated and merged into Hanoi City.