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Hoa Binh People’s Committee

Hoa Binh People's Coummittee

11/08/2020 11:30


Stipulate the organizational structure and specific tasks and powers of the specialized agency of the provincial People's Committee.

Implementing the provincial budget, socio-economic development tasks, industrial development, construction, commerce, service, tourism, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, transportation network, water profit; taking measures to manage and use land, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, water resources, mineral resources, resources in the sea, airspace and other natural resources; take measures for natural disaster prevention and control, and environmental protection in the province within their delegated powers.

Formulate and organize the implementation of programs, projects and projects of the province for ethnic minority areas and areas with extremely difficult socio-economic conditions.

To take measures to build an all-people defense posture in association with the people's security posture in the province; direct the implementation of the plan to build a firm defense area in the province; organize defense and security education and local military work; construction and combat operations of local soldiers, militia and self-defense; building up a reserve force for mobilization and mobilization of forces to meet the task requirements as prescribed by law; to build a movement for all people to protect national security in the locality.

Carry out the tasks of organizing and ensuring the implementation of the Constitution and law, government building and administrative boundaries, education, training, science, technology, culture, information, and physical education. , sports, health, labor, social policy, ethnicity, religion, defense, security, social order, safety, administrative justice, judicial assistance and duties, rights other term as prescribed by law.

Perform duties and powers delegated and authorized by central state agencies.

Decentralize and authorize subordinate People's Committees, other agencies and organizations to perform the duties and powers of the provincial People's Committee.


1. Mr. Bui Van Khanh - Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee

2. Mr. Bui Van Cuu - Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee

3. Mr. Bui Duc Hinh - Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee

4. Mr. Nguyen Van Dung - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee

5 Mr. Nguyen Van Chuong - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee


Address : No. 6 - An Duong Vuong Street - Phuong Lam Ward

- Hoa Binh City Tel: 0218.385.2020 - Fax: 0218.385.2020

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