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Hoa Binh boosts payments for public services via banks

12/03/2020 14:00
The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV)’s branch in Hoa Binh province has issued a plan to promote payments for public services via banks

Agribank’s Song Da branch (Hoa Binh city) provides consultancy for customers about online payments of tax, electricity and water bills.

In Hoa Binh province, cashless payments are mainly applied at local trade centres and via automatic debit, transactions at ATM, POS, internet banking, mobile banking, and e-wallet. Customers could pay electricity and water bills at some supermarkets and trade centres as well as buy products through the Internet.

The SBV branch in the province is stepping payments for public services via banks. This is one of the key solutions to improve the local business environment and competitiveness in 2020 with orientations to 2021.

It is also building a plan under which commercial banks are requested to push ahead with administrative reforms and make it easier for businesses and local residents to get access to banking services. Organisations and individuals are expected to change their habit of paying in cash.

The SBV branch hopes to increase the transparency of payment activities in the economy and personal incomes in society, as well as contribute to the prevention of corruption, negative phenomena and economic crime.

Commercial banks in the province have coordinated with relevant units to provide public services to achieve specific goals. For example, 100 percent of schools, education facilities, hospitals, medical centres, and general clinics will accept tuition and hospital fee payments via banks. All electricity and water suppliers will allow households and individuals to pay bills through banks.

The province also aims to promote e-payment in e-commerce, introduce payment forms via banks for supermarkets, restaurants, shopping centres, and distribution facilities./.