Da Bia – one day without wife

Da Bia (now it is Duc Phong hamlet) - a community tourism destination of Tien Phong commune (Da Bac) has not only majestic mountains, charming rivers, friendly people, but it also has a special thing that hardly any place has it ...

Statue of Ho Chi Minh

statue is situated on the top of a hill, looking down the Da River, near the Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant.

Ai hamlet (Tan Lac district)

A typical ancient village of the Muong that has been recognized as such by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism.

Cu Hamlet of Tu Ne Commune

This ancient village of the Muong lies in a mound, occupying an area of 351 ha, and about 4.5 km from the heart of Tan Lac District.

Thung Hill (Lac Son district)

Only 8km from the heart of the district town, Thung Hill in Quy Hoa Commune, Lac Son District, lies at a mean attitude of 1,073 m above sea level.

PU CANH Nature reserve(Da Bac District)

An area of 5,647 ha, the nature reserve of Pu Canh-Da Bac is endowed with lots of beautiful landscape, green tropical forests, and it lies in the protection forest system of the Da River connected with the boundless Hoa Binh Reservoir together with hundreds of islands and islets.

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