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Le Loi's stone stele

30/12/2010 14:00
Le Loi’s Stone Stele is also known as the ancient stone stele named Hao Trang carved on a huge rock on a mountainside next to Thac Bo in Hao Trang commune, Da Bac district. On a good day of lunar March in the Year of the Mouse (1432), the Fifth Year of Thuan Thien, en route back from the battlefield, King Le Thai To composed a poem for generations to come, has formed the basis of the moral philosophy of fighting against an enemy, which can be rendered as follows:

“On the way back from Cat Han Pass battle, I am here wishing to compose a poem so that generations to come will learn about the moral philosophy of fighting against an enemy. If the barbarous rebellious Muong Le clique appear unruly and perverse and do not listen to reason, then they must be immediately crushed. I don’t fear the long, difficult path and miasma. That’s because I only care for the people’s lives. And about stratagem, the two Thao and Da Rivers are the best ways for sending troops forward.