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Administrative reform propels business environment improvement

12/03/2020 16:30
In implementing the Resolution adopted by the 16th provincial Party Congress and the socio-economic development plan for 2016-2020, the provincial Party Committee, People's Council and People's Committee have taken drastic measures to promote fast and sustainable economic growth. Special attention has been paid to stepping up administrative reform, improving business environment and local competitiveness, which is one of the three strategic breakthroughs.

The modernisation of the province’s public service centre makes it easier for organisations, individuals and enterprises to access administrative procedures.

The administrative reform, with a focus on administrative procedures and improvement of public services quality, is particularly important. The province has established and modernised the local public service centre, while regularly updated information and made public administrative procedures so that individuals, organisations and businesses can easily access them. 

The province also paid attention to building e-government, stepping up technological application in activities of State agencies, including using one-stop software to receive and handle papers. The province has so far offered 1,511 online public services at level 1; 2,355 others at level 3; and 114 services at level 4. It issued regulations on coordination of relevant agencies in handling administrative procedures in seven fields, which are investment, construction, land, business registration, judicial affairs, labour-invalids and social affairs, and agriculture and rural development.

In order to improve the efficiency of administrative reform, the province issued criteria to assess the performance of agencies and units in the work, which serve as a basis for annual evaluation and reward of collectives and individuals. Apart from regular, monthly and quarterly tasks, the provincial People’s Committee and its Chair assigned more tasks to departments and agencies, and closely inspected task completion.

Since the local public service centre was put into operation, administrative procedures have been handled quickly, winning approval of individuals, organisations and businesses. The Provincial Administrative Reform index has kept improving, reaching 72.88 percent in 2016 and 74.94 percent in 2018.

Thanks to investment promotion and administrative reform, the province is now home to 567 projects, including 38 foreign-invested ones worth a total of 568 million USD, and 529 domestic projects with a total registered capital of over 68.9 trillion VND. It is expected that the number of investment projects will increase to 621 by the end of 2020, including 45 foreign-invested ones worth nearly 670 million USD, about 360 million USD of which will be disbursed, or 54 percent of the total./.